Four Boys


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Camp Needs

Current needs of the camp


There are many things that we are praying for. Here is the current list of needs that God may use you to meet. Perhaps you are the right person for the job!



  1. Mini-van for traveling
  2. Utility vehicle
  3. Small truck

Tools & Equipment

  1. Small commercial ice maker for Snak Shak - ~$400
  2. Industrial vacuum cleaners - ~$250 each
  3. Powerwasher - ~$300
  4. 4 push brooms
  5. 2 18V Impact drivers - $150 each


  1. New PC for Office - $600
  2. New PC w/ dual monitor support for Chapel - $650

Miscellaneous Items

  1. Double doors for Chapel (8'w x 7'h rough opening)
  2. New diving board base - $300
  3. 150 cushioned chairs for Chapel - ~$35 each if new. Click here for the link!
  4. 150 nice chairs for Dining Hall - ~$15 each if new. Click here for the link!
  5. 4 small outdoor tables for Snak Shak
  6. 8 outdoor chairs for Snak Shak
  7. 4 picnic tables - ~$90
  8. 6 decorative outdoor trash bins with covers


      Download and print a copy of our current project list: AGBC_Project_List.pdf

Please contact our office for more details!